CordenPharma Switzerland Transfers Amino Acid Building Blocks Portfolio to Chemie Uetikon GmbH

Feb 21, 2014

CordenPharma Switzerland LLC, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing facility in Liestal, Switzerland, is pleased to announce a transfer of their entire Amino Acid Building Blocks product portfolio to CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH, based in Lahr, Germany, effective February 1, 2014.
CordenPharma Switzerland, pioneers of the protected amino acid market, had identified Chemie Uetikon more than a decade ago as an ideal partner for larger scale manufacturing of amino acid building blocks. As a result of the transfer, CordenPharma Switzerland will now focus on growing its core peptide synthesis and specialized ingredient manufacturing capabilities such as carbohydrates and synthetic lipids. Chemie Uetikon will take over the Amino Acid Building Blocks business from CordenPharma Switzerland and market them to clients globally. CordenPharma Switzerland will continue to manufacture and market Pseudoproline Building Blocks using proprietary technology.
Chemie Uetikon has published a new catalog, listing the transferred portfolio of Amino Acid Building Blocks. This extensive library of natural and unnatural amino acids with a wide variety of protecting groups, both at the N- and the C-terminus, can be used for peptide synthesis in solution and solid-phase from laboratory through commercial scale. Chemie Uetikon will continue to develop its Amino Acid Building Blocks portfolio by adding new products on a regular basis.
According to Thomas Seeler, Chemie Uetikon's CFO and COO, "Uetikon has been a hidden champion of Amino Acid Building Block manufacturing up to now." Dr. Stefan Peterli, CEO at Chemie Uetikon adds, "We are looking forward to serving customers globally with Amino Acid Building Blocks of non-animal, non-human grade, made in Germany."
Dr. Juerg Burger, CordenPharma Switzerland’s CEO comments, “CordenPharma is developing as a company and peptides are a key area for three of its API manufacturing facilities – CordenPharma Switzerland (Liestal, CH), CordenPharma Colorado (Boulder, CO, USA) and Peptisyntha (Brussels, BE). We are excited to have Chemie Uetikon as an established and highly motivated supplier for the company.”

Read the full press release here.
CordenPharma Switzerland LLC Contact
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Sr. Director Commercial Development                                         
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CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH Contact
Dr. Henryette Schatt
Product Manager, Amino Acid Building Blocks
t: +49 7821 585 295