CordenPharma is committed to providing flexible solutions for your Drug Product success through a legacy of combined Drug Product development and contract manufacturing capabilities and specialised technologies in state-of-the-art cGMP facilities.

Drug Product Development

CordenPharma’s pharmaceutical development begins with identifying the appropriate formulation and source selection, followed by necessary analysis and validation methods. We provide development for solid-dosage forms with highly potent substances and sterile forms such as solutions and emulsions.

Drug Product Contract Manufacturing

CordenPharma’s formulation facilities are state-of-the-art designed and equipped to provide reliable cGMP contract manufacturing of parenteral and solid dose formulations for oncologicals, cephalosporins and penicillins in tablets, capsules, powders, injectable liquids, pre-filled syringes and two-layer tablets.

Sterile Formulation

At CordenPharma, facility and equipment design combined with experienced and trained personnel are pivotal for success in sterile manufacturing including sterile filling of solids, liquids and lyopilization.

Highly Potent Formulation Oncology

With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing non-cytotoxic oncological products up to level OEB4 and cytotoxic oncological products up to level OEB5, CordenPharma is the partner of choice in the area of Highly Potent Formulation Oncology.

Cephalosporin Manufacturing

At CordenPharma, we manufacture oral and sterile cephalosporin products for the worldwide market using complex chemistry and technical expertise while maintaining a long-standing reputation of quality and reliability.

Penicillin Manufacturing

We manufacture oral and sterile penicillin products for the worldwide market using complex chemistry and technical expertise while maintaining a long-standing reputation of quality and reliability.


CordenPharma brings customers a legacy of experience in manufacturing parenteral sterile emulsions and solutions in different pharmaceutical forms such as ampoules, vials and pre-filled syringes.

Large Pre-Filled Syringes

CordenPharma brings customers a legacy of capabilities in manufacturing large pre-filled syringes in pre-filled volume syringe lines with fully and semi-automatic inspection lines.

Sterile Oncology

We have a long track record of success in handling oncological compounds including formulations such as sterile lyophilized vials and injectable liquids.

Oral Oncology

CordenPharma draws upon a legacy of expertise and specialised technologies in formulation for oral oncology including capsules, tablets, stick packs and blister / bottle packaging.

Two-layer tablets

CordenPharma has extensive experience in the development, scale-up and manufacturing of two-layer-tablets in a wide variety of shapes on two state-of-the-art tablet presses.

Clinical Supply Services

CordenPharma’s clinical trial units operate in close collaboration with formulation development and commercial manufacturing to take advantage of the full range of capacities, resources and complete big pharma infrastructure offered by all of CordenPharma’s global facilities.


CordenPharma manages the efficient production of customers’ packaging components with our high volume and performance packaging equipment for order processing of tablets, capsules and granules in a multitude of different blister and bottle packing lines.


Modern, highly flexible warehouses and distribution centres at CordenPharma offer experienced domestic and international export shipping services, including all customs formalities, both within Europe and worldwide.

Support Services

CordenPharma is your partner in product approval support from expertise in analytical development and validation of products and processes to complete regulatory registration.