CORDEN_Plankstadt-290.jpgCordenPharma’s formulation facilities are state-of-the-art designed and equipped to manufacture solid dose and parenteral formulations. The broad spectrum of capabilities allows formulations of oncologicals, cephalosporins, penicillins, and hormones or hormone blockers.
Handling of sterile powder filled vials, lyophilized vials, oral suspension powders, and injectable liquids could be offered as well as specific techniques such as sterile emulsion technology and pre-filled syringes.

Special solid dose formulations like two-layer tablets or filling of capsules with powder granules or microtablets are manufactured on our equipment.

CordenPharma has excellent expertise to handle high potent substances up to band 5 level.

Our sites are inspected and approved by EMEA, FDA, Anvisa, TGA and the Japanese Authority, allowing our customers to distribute products manufactured by CordenPharma in all relevant markets worldwide.

For details on available equipment and capabilities please refer to our facilities pages.