Beware of fake / hoax / fraudulent offers of employment at CordenPharma sent by SMS or email from the fake CordenPharma email address df or dj or under the name Thorsten Becker, Group Controller, CordenPharma.

It has come to our attention that fake / hoax / fraudulent offers of employment at CordenPharma have been made by individuals or organisations who are not connected with CordenPharma or any of its subsidiaries or facilities.
These fraudulent offers of employment are often first sent by SMS text with the text "One of the best in Europe Cordenpharma is seeking a Representative in Norh America and earn $780 if interested Email df, dj or" under the name Thorsten Becker, Group Controller, requesting personal details such as your address or bank information.
In some cases forged checks have been sent to individuals from Thorsten Becker at CordenPharma as a sum for setting up a home office.

Although these offers appear to be genuine, please be aware that CordenPharma would always undertake a face-to-face interview, and would never ask for payment for an offer of employment, use unsolicited emails to ask potential employees for personal details nor send unsolicited checks.

If you have received any job offers via SMS text or email from the fake email address df, dj or or a request for personal details or unsolicited checks from CordenPharma > Under no circumstances should you reply to these offers, give out your personal details or cash this check > please destroy it.

If you wish to report what you believe to be a fake / hoax / fraudulent job offer at CordenPharma, please fill out this contact inquiry form with the reason for contact ‘Job Scam’ by clicking here > include your phone number if you would like a call back.

CordenPharma will not assume any responsibility for damages resulting from fake / hoax / fraudulent offers of employment.

CordenPharma follows a thorough recruiting process before making any offers of employment. If you are interested in working for CordenPharma, please see the career postings on our careers page for information on applying to a specific positon.