DCAT 2016 Interview Abstract >> Chemistry Today Jan-Feb 2016 >> Dr. Michael Quirmbach

Mar 03, 2016
Where do you see your company's role in the pharmaceutical supply chain?

With well-structured product & service offerings organized under the umbrella of six distinctive technology platforms – Peptides/Lipids/Carbohydrates, Injectables, Antibiotics, Highly Potent, Oncology and Small Molecules - CordenPharma is well-positioned as a key CDMO supplier and partner to the pharmaceutical industry. 
Our fully-integrated services, spanning the supply chain from small to commercial-scale for both APIs and Drug Products, clearly differentiate us by bringing unprecedented value to our customers. Our network of cGMP facilities across Europe and the US provides a broad range of capabilities from non-GMP initial development to GMP drug substance and drug product manufacturing covering low- to medium-and high-scale production. In response to increasing demand, we have expanded our full-service global supply chain solutions with value-added services including regulatory support, packaging, distribution, and logistics for each of our technology platforms.

How important is the US market to your business, and where do you see changes and challenges in the next 5 years in the US market?

The US pharma industry represents an important key market for CordenPharma, as we are realizing more than 60% of our total sales in the US. We are serving a wide range of US customers - from early stage innovative biotech to big pharma and well-established generic companies– all with expertise spanning our six distinctive technology platforms. In particular, the innovative US biotech companies are important to our Peptides/Lipids/Carbohydrates & Injectables platforms as they represent the largest sales percentage driving our current success. In addition, the growing US Highly Potent & Oncology markets demand service providers with a fully-integrated supply chain for both APIs and Drug Products – another very important growth contributor at CordenPharma. One challenge for the US market could be a potential slowdown in the economy, which creates a more risk-adverse trend towards the funding of early-stage US biotech companies. However, as of today, we see a growing number of opportunities in the US market.

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