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Apr 22, 2016

Drug Conjugation > How Technology Drives the Supply Chain 

by Dr. Mimoun Ayoub
Director, Global Peptides, Lipids, Carbohydrates & Injectables Platforms, CPI


Conjugation is a powerful tool that drug discovery and
development experts use to achieve various goals:

  • Optimization of the ligand-receptor interaction
  • Receptor targeting
  • Controlled-release drug delivery and improved drug pharmacology
  • Increased drug plasma half-life and decreased cytotoxicity
  • Overcoming solubility challenges
Conjugates could be any covalent combination between two types of molecules which could be anything from proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, and oligonucleotides to small molecules, including cytotoxics. Each of these product categories are characterized by specifi c chemistries. Therefore conjugation involving two or more of these product categories requires skills to perform the necessary conjugation chemistry and product isolation: protection/deprotection steps, activation, coupling reaction, work-up and isolation (nanofi ltration, ultrafi ltration, preparative HPLC, precipitation or lyophilization). Understanding the chemical and physical properties of each of the above type of molecules is key in the success of the conjugation. Besides these technical considerations, another considerable hurdle relates to the availability of the necessary equipment to perform such conjugation services.


CordenPharma - a full-service CDMO with multiple facilities across Europe and the US – has a fully integrated supply chain model which provides development and manufacturing services in multiple areas organized under six distinct Technology Platforms: Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates, Injectables, Highly Potent, Small Molecules, Oncology, Antibiotics. Taking advantage of decades of experience in the process development, scale-up and GMP manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Drug Products (solid dosage forms and sterile injectables), CordenPharma has mastered all types of conjugations between these product categories. CordenPharma’s fully integrated service offerings provide a broad array of services from the manufacture of APIs and Drug Products to Pharmaceutical Packaging services (clinical trial kits preparation, randomization, distribution to clinical trial sites, reconciliation, etc.). Customers benefi t from a fully consolidated project plan, resulting in time saving and clear communication of their project management. In the classical/conventional supply chain model, the customer needs to manage multiple service providers: API manufacturers, Drug Product manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Packaging, and Distribution. This demands streamlined project planning and substantial resources to align all involved parties in terms of timelines, technical challenges, confi dentiality etc.

With respect to conjugation, peptides, lipids and carbohydrates are the most useful in this manner for many reasons, including a diversity in terms of chemical functionalities which allows for various types of conjugations, as well as their means of receptor targeting. 

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