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Jun 24, 2016
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Office of Health Equity profiles the environmental leadership and community outreach programs of CordenPharma Colorado.
CordenPharma Colorado
Started in 1946 as Arapahoe Chemicals, the CordenPharma Colorado facility in Boulder is considered an Environmental Leader as part of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) and has a vested interest in their community. CordenPharma Colorado shared insight as to why environmental leadership and community engagement is ingrained in the company culture.
What does CordenPharma Colorado produce? CordenPharma Colorado produces the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for a variety of medicines that are then sent to other manufacturing sites for formulation into final drug products.

How does CordenPharma Colorado work to protect the environment? CordenPharma Colorado has focused many of their environmental improvement efforts by looking at how they operate and by optimizing processes, which has resulted in energy savings and waste reductions. They have also found ways to recycle some of their waste. They are always looking for ways to continually improve and set goals to reduce their environmental footprint. 

What does CordenPharma Colorado do to engage and support the local community?
CordenPharma Colorado is active in the Boulder community, donating to health care and environmental groups and supporting paid employee volunteering. Every year employees participate in the Boulder Creek Clean Up Day, take part in United Way Day of Caring,and volunteer with Boulder County Open Space to do maintenance on the trails and grounds. 

Also, as a science based company, they focus much of their efforts on science education and are the sole sponsor of the Regional Science fair.
In 1991, CordenPharma Colorado helped form and is supportive of a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) which still meets on a regular basis at their facility today. The CAP is made up of community volunteers who act as liaisons and watchdogs, bringing concerns to CordenPharma Colorado’s attention and distributing what they learn to back to the community. 

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