Orpegen Facility Moves to Frankfurt to become CordenPharma Frankfurt

Jan 25, 2016
Following the acquisition of ORPEGEN Peptide Chemicals GmbH on January 1, 2015, CordenPharma International announces that on July 1,2015, the non-GMP facility and personnel moved to a location in Frankfurt-Fechenheim now called CordenPharma Frankfurt.  
Over the past year, the facility has worked on a number of projects with all CordenPharma peptide sites including CordenPharma Switzerland, CordenPharma Colorado and CordenPharma Peptisyntha. The group is comprised of 10 peptide chemists with a focus on non-GMP research and development and is now an integral part of the CordenPharma Peptides / Lipids / Carbohydrates platform

CordenPharma Frankfurt
Alt-Fechenheim 34
60386 Frankfurt

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