CordenPharma to Receive 9 Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Awards in 2015

Feb 19, 2015
CordenPharma, a full-service Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), will be recognized with 9 CMO Leadership Awards presented by Life Science Leader magazine. The Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Awards are determined through industry research conducted by Nice Insight. This year’s research included survey responses from over 2,300 biopharma and pharma professionals who utilize CRO / CMO / CDMO services. Research participants were asked questions relating to their perception of suppliers in five categories: Innovation, Reliability, Productivity, Quality, and Regulatory.

Winners were identified for achieving the top 10 percentile in each perception category in the following market sectors - Big Pharma (BP), Mid-Sized & Specialty Pharma (MP), Emerging Pharma (EP), Biotech (BT) and Emerging Biotech (EBT). 

CordenPharma will receive 9 Awards in all 5 categories and 3 market sectors: 

  • Innovation (Big Pharma)

  • Innovation (Mid-Sized & Specialty Pharma)

  • Innovation (Emerging Biotech)

  • Reliability (Big Pharma)

  • Productivity (Big Pharma)

  • Productivity (Mid-Sized & Specialty Pharma)

  • Quality (Mid-Sized & Specialty Pharma)

  • Quality (Emerging Biotech)

  • Regulatory Track Record (Mid-Sized & Speciality Pharma)

Mr. Ernesto Petroselli, President of CordenPharma International said, "We are honored to receive this year’s Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Awards across nine perceptions / categories. Since its establishment in 2006, CordenPharma has been driven by innovation and the highest quality standards to become a full-service CDMO partner to the global pharmaceutical industry. This award from our customers confirms our continuing commitment to expand upon existing capabilities in order to provide reliable, cost-effective integrated solutions for their complete contract development and manufacturing needs.”  

The 2015 Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday March 18th at the W Hotel, 541 Lexington Ave, in New York City.

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