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CordenPharma Bergamo’s State-of-the-Art API Development Building

Edition 2 / June 2023
Timelapse Video > New API Development Building at CordenPharma Bergamo

Edition 2 / June 2023


Timelapse Video > New API Development Building at CordenPharma Bergamo

Timelapse Video > New API Development Building in CordenPharma Bergamo (IT)

Take a look inside the construction of our new API development building at CordenPharma Bergamo. This state-of-the-art facility covers a full range of services and activities from API process assessment & development at laboratory scale through to scale-up and subsequent transfer of our customers’ processes into commercial facilities.

The analytical floor of the building is equipped with extensive liquid & gas chromatography equipment to facilitate the development and transfer of methods, as well as a range of other analytical equipment such as DSC, KF and polarized microscopes, all designed for maximum efficiency.

On 15 May 2023, CEO Dr. Michael Quirmbach and the CordenPharma Bergamo Team celebrated the inauguration of the new Development Building with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This milestone marks the establishment of a building which covers a surface area that is five times larger than the previous one, with a brand-new Kilo-lab space enabling the execution of potential reactions on a larger scale within the premises. With the expanded capacity, the CordenPharma Bergamo Development Department anticipates accommodating over 30 researchers to increase the number of concurrent projects and enhance our ability to serve customers.

We look forward to accepting new API development projects starting July 2023!

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