CordenPharma is a leading manufacturer of Peptide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) with an unprecedented track record of experience in supporting customers along the value chain ranging from early clinical to commercial in worldwide market supply. Today we support more than 50 cGMP development projects targeting either New Chemical Entities (NCEs) or Generic development activities. Furthermore our expertise covers ancillary areas such as conjugation to carbohydrates, lipids and pegylation.

Most notably, scale does not represent any limitation at CordenPharma - we are the only company in the world with sufficient capacity to produce peptide APIs from gram scale-up to annual quantities of hundreds of kilograms. This is underlined by our experience in the manufacturing of Fuzeon® (enfuvirtide), with CordenPharma being the only company to have produced metric tons of this complex peptide.

 As the volume leader in custom peptide production with automated peptide synthesizers ranging from 12 L to 10,000 L, CordenPharma is committed to addressing complex solvent handling, recovery and recycling logistics.

Furthermore, CordenPharma’s combined large-scale peptide production capabilities also include preparative HPLC lyophilization equipment as well as proprietary peptide precipitation know-how for cost effective final-step peptide isolation.

CordenPharma additionally provides expertise in scaling Complex Peptides with multiple disulfide bridges or particularly long sequences (up to 60 amino acid residues), as well as Lipo and carbohydrate Conjugates.

CordenPharma benefits from backward integration through its sister company WeylChem for cost-effective starting materials and non-GMP intermediates at any scale. For peptide synthesis, WeylChem manufactures large volumes of Allessan CAP, a known and effective coupling reagent in peptide synthesis. Click here for the Allessan CAP Brochure.

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