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Integrated Supply

Seamless Integration Across the Supply Chain

Working and coordinating with several providers can be demanding and time consuming when outsourcing a project.

Our aim is to streamline your process, improve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services in one organization.

We are the CDMO partner you need to understand and anticipate your project needs. Through seamlessly integrated technologies and expert services across our global network, we support the development and manufacture of your complex modalities.

Our bespoke end-to-end solutions span your supply chain, covering all stages from drug development to commercialization.

Key Pillars of Integrated Drug Substance (DS) & Drug Product (DP) Supply

Secure Supply Chain

  • Shorter development and manufacturing timelines, resulting in shorter time-to-market
  • Coordination of the entire supply chain service, including DS supplier management and efficient DS / DP capacity reservation within our global facility network
  • High visibility into the supply chain, including capacity allocation
  • Flexibility on Drug Product manufacturing slots – in the case of shifts in our API delivery, you will not be penalized for Drug Product schedule changes

Global Project Management

  • Simplified vendor management with global point of contact for supply and project execution
  • Quicker and more efficient resolution of issues with globally integrated teams
  • Management and communication of interdependencies and synergies
  • Cross-site risk and change management with consolidation of project data and project interface analyses
  • De-risking of the supply chain with reduced complexity between DS and DP sites

Synergies that Deliver

  • Reduced redundancy on analytical validation, and simplified DS release at DP sites
  • Synergy of API development (product properties/specs) with DP requirements
  • Access to global Centres of Excellence for early DP development and solid-state design
  • Alignment on quality approach and systems
  • Quicker qualification of DS site by DP site

Partner Plus Benefits

  • Streamlined S&OP processes
  • Efficient shipping process, documentation and import/export between DS and DP sites
  • Intellectual Property Rights managed under certain circumstances

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our team of experts to explore bespoke end-to-end CDMO support of your complete drug lifecycle
at any scale.