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Project Management

Streamlined Process Collaboration

An effective project management team is like the gears of a well-made Swiss watch: it drives all aspects of the project precisely and collaboratively toward successful completion. We approach every project by fostering transparent communication between our API, Drug Product and Lipid Excipient process development teams.

Ongoing alignment with analytical, quality and compliance support helps you to achieve fast and consistent results, no matter where your project starts.

Who Are We?

Our growing project management team of 60+ members bring diverse expertise, primarily from technical, regulatory, life science, or major pharma backgrounds. This breadth of experience means our team members possess:

  • A good understanding of the pharma & biotech industry
  • Key insights into the demands of a range of different projects
  • Genuine empathy for identifying & meeting your project’s needs

We seek out the most skilled, adaptable, and dedicated employees to help you achieve your goals.

Aligned Project Management

Our Global Project Management (GPM) team carefully allocates time and resources to each phase of your product’s development, while monitoring all tasks to ensure your project progresses forward in a controlled and timely way. We aim to ensure that, no matter the nature of the assignment, or specific local demands and regulations, we act with the agility needed to get the job done.

For your integrated supply projects involving multiple sites and technologies, our project management organization safeguards the alignment of resources with global and local project managers throughout our network of facilities to deliver on our promise – to be the CDMO partner you need.

Your Project Management Benefits

  • A single point of contact throughout your project
  • Global SOPs mean shorter tech transfer time for materials & documentation
  • Knowledge transfer is guaranteed with the consolidation of stability testing, analytical methods & physical property
  • One CDA / MSA with a single data-entry point ensures ease of sharing data internally & externally and speed of execution
  • Improved data integrity guaranteed by controlled single-source data with integrated project planning
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