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Technology & Science Advisory Board

In July 2023, CordenPharma established a new Technology & Science Advisory Board (TSAB) comprised of eight world-class experts from academia and industry, who will provide technological and scientific expertise to drive forward our continued growth and innovation. These selected advisors have been carefully chosen for their strategic guidance from various disciplines including chemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology, and regulatory affairs.

The formation of the TSAB was born from our passion for scientific excellence and commitment to stay at the forefront of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The board members’ collective expertise provides valuable insights into emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and regulatory advancements across all six CordenPharma technology platforms.

By harnessing the knowledge and insights of these renowned scientists and industry leaders, we aim to enhance our capabilities in the efficient development and manufacturing of APIs, Lipid Excipients, Drug Products, and Integrated Supply to support your complex modalities and evolving needs in developing life-saving medicines.

Board Member CordenPharma Technology Platform of Interest TSAB Expertise
Dr. José de Chastonay Decades of peptide industry leadership experience with emphasis on corporate development, business integration as well as operational and commercial activities.
Prof. Dr. C. Oliver Kappe Recognized as one of the most experienced experts in the field of flow chemistry.
Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Kikuchi The leading lipid expert in Japan, connected to all important lipid experts in the world.
Prof. Dr. Olivia Merkel Highly recognized expert in drug delivery for RNA and treatment of lung diseases.
Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu Highly recognized flow chemistry expert with a strong background in multistep flow processes (lab and pilot scales).
Dr. Christoph Rosenbohm, MBA Long-standing experience in the field of oligonucleotides.
Prof. Dr. Roderich D. Süssmuth Highly recognized expert of peptides and synthesis of natural products.
Prof. Dr. Karl Wagner Expert in solubility enhancement, OSD in general and predictive biopharmaceutical tools.

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