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Pharma Packaging Services

Primary and Secondary Packaging Expertise

Reliable pharmaceutical packaging is fundamental to safely delivering therapeutic drug products to patients. We are an internationally approved expert in contract manufacturing and packaging of many different dosage forms. Various primary and secondary packaging technologies are available across our network of facilities.

Our packaging services span from early-stage to commercial supply in multiple markets worldwide, including the expertise and specific quality requirements for packaging in the Japanese market.

Non-Sterile Dosage Forms

CordenPharma’s drug product facilities offer specialized capabilities in primary packaging solutions for oral solid, non-sterile liquid, and semi-solid dosage forms ranging from standard packs to specialized packaging, e.g. multi-product blisters and packaging at low humidity. Capabilities include:

  • Highly potent facility for tablets & capsules
  • Primary & secondary packaging
  • Automated Blister packaging lines (PVC, PVDC, Alu / Alu, Aclar)
  • De-blistering equipment
  • Automated bottle packaging (OSD) & filling lines (glass with screw top, dropper, or spray closures)
  • Automated sachet, suppository, enema & tube filling lines
  • Moisture sensitive products (< 20% RH)
  • Unit dose packs (with or without cross perforation, variable data printing)
  • Online labeling, documentation & tracing of vignettes
  • Inkjet printing
  • Tamper evident blister packing
  • All types of secondary packaging materials feasible
  • Serialization & aggregation

Sterile Dosage Forms

CordenPharma Caponago (IT) offers a broad spectrum of packaging services for sterile injectable drug products. We provide both terminal sterilization and aseptic filling technologies for pre-filled syringes (PFS), vials, ampoules, cartridges, and lyophilized vials, with a wide range of filling volumes including the capability for combination products.

  • Aseptic fill & finish
    • Sterile liquids (solution): vials, PFS, cartridges
    • Sterile liquids (lyophilized): vials
  • Terminal sterilization
    • Solutions: ampoules, vials, cartridges
    • Emulsions: ampoules, vials, cartridges
    • Suspensions: ampoules, vials, cartridges

Logistics and Distribution

CordenPhama provides modern, highly flexible warehouses and distribution centers for all your pharma-logistics needs. In addition to ensuring that all domestic shipping activities run smoothly, we arrange exports – including all customs formalities – within the United States, Europe and worldwide (over 70 countries served).

We are experienced at managing all transports (including hazardous materials) by road, air and sea, including temperature-controlled tracking and cold temperature supply chain.

  • Sampling area for low OEL compounds
  • Multiple high-bay warehouses at each site
  • Temperature & humidity controlled (< 25°C / 35-60% RH)
  • Cold storage capacity
  • Material control via barcode
  • Warehouse management using SAP-System
  • Handling & execution of all export & distribution activities
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Extensive experience in supplying both large & small markets
  • Handling of all necessary customs declarations

Flexibility and Quality

The high capability and flexible capacity adjustment of the packaging lines at our packaging sites guarantees maximum efficiency, quality, and speed in processing, from design creation to the delivery of the finished folding box. Our broad experience, professional expertise, and modern high-performance technology also ensure maximum safety. As such we provide:

  • Implementation of new customer requirements with short lead-times and well ahead of regulatory requests (e.g. pack serialization)
  • Pack serialization / unique carton identification including data transfer to customer database in place
  • 2D matrix code or aggregation per country requirements to ensure security
  • Flexibility to accommodate small products by off-line or roll-to-roll printing with minimum order quantity < 500 packs
  • Flexibility to install specific packaging equipment upon request

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