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Code of Conduct

Dear Colleagues,

CordenPharma brings together colleagues from many different backgrounds working at our different sites and legal entities in a common organization across the world. We offer high quality development and manufacturing services for Intermediates, Excipients, APIs and Drug Products to customers, and ultimately patients, and must operate with a common understanding of fundamental behaviors.

This firstly relates to our external contacts: customers and their patients, suppliers, authorities, neighbors and other stakeholders must be certain that we will always fulfill our business responsibilities, irrespective of the particular site and legal entity they are currently in contact with.

But internally too, accepted rules of behavior make us stronger as a team and ultimately ensure that we reach our joint objectives as an organization. This applies both to the supervision of customer projects and products spanning a number of entities across the network and to the managerial approach taken by line managers.

This Code of Conduct outlines the fundamentals essential for achieving these results.

Please read the document carefully and let these rules be the principles guiding your daily work routine. You’ll be helping to ensure that CordenPharma and its personnel are regarded as trustworthy partners around the world.

Thank you for taking responsibility by following this Code of Conduct and living its principles.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Michael Quirmbach
CEO & President, CordenPharma Group

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