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Technology Platforms

CordenPharma provides a vast array of services to support you in delivering complex modalities to your patients. We specialize in harnessing the power of small molecules, peptides, lipids and oligonucleotides with API, drug product and lipid excipient technologies and capacities to offer bespoke solutions tailored to your exact needs, development phase, regulatory requirements and budget.

We focus our commercial strategy on six technology platforms, each with their own molecule focus. Within each platform, a Platform Director partners with you individually to tailor your scope and appropriate technology application, facilitate the development and scale-up of your product, establish pricing and budget alongside the sales team, and oversee the alignment with operations and project management teams to deliver a customized execution plan for your project journey.

All technology platforms are supported by our global network of fully-integrated cGMP facilities and seasoned project management teams to secure your supply chain across the development and manufacturing of APIs, drug products, lipid excipients, and LNP formulation services spanning all phases of your drug life-cycle.

Seamless Integration Across the Supply Chain

Working and coordinating with several providers can be demanding and time-consuming when outsourcing a project. Our aim is to streamline your process, improve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services in one organization. As your CDMO partner, we work alongside you to understand and anticipate your project needs.

We deliver seamlessly integrated technologies and services from across our expert global network that support the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotech innovators’ complex modalities. Our bespoke end-to-end solutions span your supply chain, covering all stages from drug development to commercialization.

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Speed to Market

In pharmaceutical development money is time, and time is of the essence. We understand the urgency of producing critical medicines, and are here to support the management of your supply chain timelines, regardless of the development phase. Our expert teams have decades of experience using cutting-edge technologies across our integrated facility network to help bring your complex modalities to market quickly.

Quality and Compliance

Quality is the most important ingredient for therapeutic effectiveness, and thus, commercial success. Our commitment to seek the highest standards of quality and compliance is at the core of CordenPharma. By continuing to invest heavily in ongoing compliance programs with budgeted investments in improvements such as compliance-enhancing IT solutions, we make no compromises in this area. Our objective is to not only meet, but surpass applicable regulatory requirements and legislation to provide services that elevate and ensure product integrity for you and the patients you serve.

Flexibility and Transparency

Navigating through your drug development life-cycle can present challenges. CordenPharma understands that a successful CDMO / pharma innovator partnership requires regular touch-points of insight, feedback and alignment along the way. With this in mind, we have made a collaborative commitment across the entire organization, from executive leadership and project management teams to facility operators, to react with flexibility and transparency to your changing needs and strive every day to steer your project towards our common goal: the health and well being of your patients.

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