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What You Need

Need global experts to develop, formulate and commercialize your project? No matter where your project starts, CordenPharma provides the complex modalities you need to bring critical medicines to patients. Our CDMO solutions span the complete product lifecycle at all stages, from preclinical to commercial, supported by cutting-edge technologies, expert project management teams and dedicated regulatory services.

We understand what you need. We turn our strengths into your benefits by keeping in mind that your goal is our goal: to produce high-quality pharmaceutical products through efficient, lean processes with reduced time to market.

Integrated Supply

Working and coordinating with several providers can be demanding and time-consuming when outsourcing a project.

Our aim is to streamline your process, improve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services in one organization. As your CDMO partner, we work alongside you to understand and anticipate your project needs. We deliver seamlessly integrated technologies and services from across our expert global network that support the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotech innovators’ complex modalities.

Our bespoke end-to-end solutions span your supply chain, covering all stages from drug development to commercialization.


The supply of quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is fundamental to the success of your project.

CordenPharma supports your complex API needs with extensive capabilities and capacities to produce a range of APIs. Our robust CDMO global operations enable the manufacture of early-phase clinical needs from gram scale all the way through to multi-metric ton commercial supply, with built-in geographic redundancy.

Drug Products

Expert production of your final drug product is paramount to the health and well being of your patients.

CordenPharma draws upon decades of formulation experience to provide a range of drug product dosage forms. Using cutting-edge technologies, our global teams deliver clinical to commercial drug products regardless of potency, including formulation development and pharmaceutical secondary packaging.

Lipid Excipients

It is clear lipid-based medications have only begun to prove their effectiveness in delivering a variety of API payloads.

CordenPharma brings profound experience in the development and manufacturing of specialized lipid technologies to bear on your mRNA or other lipid-based projects. Our highly trained lipid experts leverage proven methods and procedures to ensure the excellence of your final lipid-based products.

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