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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We strive for excellence in supporting global pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers with high-quality products for the well-being of patients.

Our Vision

CordenPharma’s vision is to be a trusted, reliable and highly respected CDMO to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies by providing industry-leading integrated product solutions with integrity, transparency and flexibility on all levels of the organization.

Our Values


Accountability means to take ownership of our own actions and work to achieve the results and goals of the organization.


Collaboration means to be inclusive, acknowledge and foster others’ skills and experiences, listen to each other and celebrate success together.


Integrity means that we are honest with each other, foster an open and transparent work environment and we do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Trust means having the confidence in others on the team that by working together, we all achieve our joint objectives.


Reliability means to consistently deliver outstanding results so that our customers and their patients know they can always rely on us.

Customer Centricity & Service

  • We know that what we do every day to support pharma and biotech customers directly impacts their patients. Our successful track record reflects the importance of the whole pharma industry working together to provide global medicines to patients with critical, and often unmet, medical needs.
  • We are more than just a network of cGMP facilities with integrated solutions for APIs and drug products; we are the experts behind them. Our sum total is greater than our headcount. We are the collaboration of all our ideas, experience, vision and diligence. We focus on turning this collective strength into our customers’ benefit.
  • The voice of our customers is key, and their feedback an asset, in aligning their expectations with the transparency and flexibility of our passion to serve.
  • Customer service and customer experience is not just about being on time, but surpassing customers’ expectations by anticipating what more they might need to successfully complete their project, what angle they may have overlooked, or what solutions they may further request – and being prepared to deliver them.

Operational Excellence

  • CordenPharma’s integrated facility network draws upon a decades-long track record of experience in differentiated and specialized technologies and services spanning the complete product lifecycle at all stages. This integrated solution allows customers access to a broad depth of flexible capabilities from one partner.
  • Delivery in-full on-time (DIFOT) drives every touch-point of customer engagement throughout the organization. It is the yardstick by which we measure our success.
  • Our Global Compliance team continuously creates, evaluates, and improves upon processes, systems and structures to meet regulatory and corporate compliance standards designed to support the highest level of quality for our customers and their patients.

Collaborative Partnerships

  • Our approach to every project begins with fostering a continuous exchange between applicable project teams and customers for ongoing alignment. This framework of transparency is designed to achieve fast and consistent results.
  • CordenPharma’s Global Program Management team carefully assigns the appropriate amount of time and resources to each phase of development, while monitoring all tasks to ensure projects progress in a controlled and timely way.
  • Our organizational structure provides customers one point of contact to navigate their way through project completion.

People & Culture

  • CordenPharma has developed a company culture that cares for the health and well-being of its employees, which motivates them to improve, grow and deliver outstanding results. This means caring for all people, including employees, communities, customers and ultimately, their patients.
  • We strive to carry out our mission and vision with integrity and honesty, while acting in accordance with the core values and pillars of CordenPharma.
  • With a diversity of language and culture spanning facilities in six countries, our global nature helps identify different perspectives to shape our understanding and response to the challenges that often arise in complex projects. This approach fosters tolerance and compassion for customers.

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