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Non-Sterile Liquids

Effective Non-Sterile Liquid Drug Products

Liquid formulations have historically been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry due to their high dosing flexibility, ease of use, and quick onset of action, with dosage forms that can be administered via numerous routes, making them flexible for the treatment of a range of indications. In particular, they are extremely well suited to populations that struggle with solid dosage forms, such as children and the elderly.

Selecting the right cGMP contract manufacturer to produce your non-sterile liquids is an important decision. CordenPharma is the partner you need for non-sterile liquid dose formulation development and manufacturing, with extensive experience supplying either monophasic or biphasic dosage forms. Let us accompany you on the entire life cycle of your drug products, from early-phase development, clinical supplies, late-stage registration and validation, to commercial manufacturing and packaging.

Our non-sterile drug product capabilities include the manufacture of solutions, suspensions and emulsions into a range of bottles with different cap/closure configurations, enabling the development of liquids for oral consumption (mixtures, syrups or drops), external use (lotions and liniments) or special applications (gargles, ear drops, nasal drops and sprays, douches, enemas, and aerosols).

We offer both glass and plastic bottle filling for liquids, with additions such as syringes, spoons, and dosing caps, all available as your unique product requires, supported by full secondary packaging with serialization and aggregation capabilities across the multiple dosage forms.

With development and manufacturing from small liters to commercial-scale, benefit from our comprehensive expertise in non-sterile liquid dose manufacturing, along with a long-standing reputation of quality and reliability in all regulated markets.

Non-Sterile Liquid & Semi-Solid Dose Packaging

Our equipment and specialized packaging technologies for non-sterile liquids and semi-solid dosage forms (oral liquids, suspensions, drops, sprays) include:

  • Primary & secondary packaging
  • Automated bottle filling lines (glass with screw top, dropper, or spray closures)
  • Online labeling, documentation & tracing of vignettes
  • Inkjet printing
  • Tamper evident packing
  • Serialization & aggregation
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