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CordenPharma Expands Its Global Reach: New Lipid & LNP Starter Kit Stock in Tokyo, Japan

19 Jun 24


CordenPharma is excited to announce the establishment of a new lipid stock in Tokyo, Japan. This strategic move is designed to provide enhanced proximity to a specially selected group of our highly pure standard lipids to valued Japanese customers.

As a trusted CDMO supplier with decades of experience in the synthetic manufacturing of both custom and standard pharmaceutical-grade lipids worldwide, CordenPharma recognizes the importance of reducing the time from order to delivery. This new Tokyo stock will ensure faster access to our most important high-value catalog lipids, including those proven to be effective in our new Lipid NanoParticle (LNP) Starter Kits, designed for R&D innovators to optimize their LNPs for targeted mRNA delivery.

Advantages for Our Customers

  1. Faster Delivery Times: With a local stock of lipids in Tokyo, our Japanese customers can expect significantly reduced delivery times, enhancing the efficiency of their operations.
  2. Improved Accessibility: The availability of our most important lipids in Tokyo, including those tailored for our LNP Starter Kits, means customers have the readily available supply needed for a wide range of lipid-based pharmaceutical development projects.
  3. Continued Quality: Our customers will receive the same high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade lipids CordenPharma is known for in the industry.


“We are committed to serving our Asian customers with specially selected lipids as part of our new lipid stock in Tokyo, Japan. We believe this strategic move will bring them added value, with faster, more efficient access to our high-quality lipids and LNP Starter Kits for the effective development of their lipid-based pharmaceutical projects,” said Dr. Matthieu Giraud, Senior Director, Global Lipids & Carbohydrates Platform, CordenPharma International.

To place an inquiry for our new Japan stock of lipids or LNP Starter Kits, please visit our Standard Lipid Catalog or LNP Starter Kit pages.

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