Pharma Packaging & Logistics

Pharma Packaging & Logistics

Packaging Development

CordenPharma manages all the logistical procedures involved in packaging development by creating and producing your packaging components. From layout development and producing a printable copy to procuring the materials, we work with creativity and precision.


Our high-performance packaging equipment guarantees efficient production and processing of your orders.

At CordenPharma, your medicines are in good hands from the time a design is first conceived until the finished pack rolls off the production line. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures the very highest quality standards are met to achieve the best possible results. Whether you are looking to place large orders or merely require small batches, our experience and technology ensures optimum reliability.

CordenPharma’s packaging facilities are equipped with fully dedicated and segregated capabilities for secondary packaging of penicillin and cephalosporins as well as highly potent & oncological vials and Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS), with multi-vial (10 vial-pack) and single-vial lines available. We additionally provide tamper-evident sealing and Data matrix. Furthermore we are well-equipped to package standard small molecule solid dosage forms in a wide range of configurations.

Packaging of Penicillins, Cephalosporins & Oncologicals

  • >> Multi-Vial & Single Vials Packs (with data matrix available)
  • >> Primary & Secondary Packaging of Tablets, Film Tablets / Capsules & Plastic / Glass Bottles
  • >> Light & Moisture Sensitive Products
  • >> Foil (pvc, alu, alu/alu, aclar)

Our packaging capacities includes unit dose-packs (with or without cross perforation, variable data printing on each blister pocket), stick packs, and anti-counterfeit drug packaging. Automatic feeding of additional brochures, online labeling, documentation and tracing of vignettes (e.g. bollini for Italy) are also available.

CordenPharma complies with the most recent regulatory requirements including serialization.


CordenPhama provides modern, highly flexible warehouses and distribution centres for all your pharma-logistics needs. In addition to ensuring that all domestic shipping activities run smoothly, we arrange exports – including all customs formalities – both within Europe (Eastern Europe in particular) and worldwide (over 70 countries served).

CordenPharma is experienced at managing all transports (including hazardous materials) by road, air and sea, including temperature controlled tracking and cold temperature supply chain.

CordenPharma also assists customers in purchasing necessary raw materials, excipients and packaging components.

Integrated Supply

CordenPharma’s ability to develop and manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Finished Dosage and Packaging in our network of facilities allows clients full access to integrated services resulting in a simplified supply chain, reduced risk and cost associated with technology transfers, and ultimately faster production and delivery timelines.