Technologies / Processes

CordenPharma Brussels, with its rich and varied experience of 30 years in peptide process development and manufacturing, has developed expertise in all technologies for peptide synthesis including solid-phase, solution-phase and the hybrid approach solid-solution phase peptide synthesis. Besides the production of ‘classical’ peptides, CordenPharma Brussels differentiates itself from competitors with a wide range of proprietary technologies which enable synthesis of short peptide sequences of up to ~12 residues (depending on the peptide sequence) without the requirement of HPLC purification, which is predominantly the key cost driver in peptide synthesis.

CordenPharma Brussels Key Technologies Include:

  • >> Silylation technology
  • >> Tetraphenyborate (TBP) technology for the synthesis of Arginine-containing peptides
  • >> Non-natural amino acid building blocks
  • >> Use of Phenyl-oxy-carbonyl-protection (Phoc-AA) of amino acids / peptides

Proprietary Technologies Enable Cost-Effective Production of APIs by:

  • >> Increasing yield and purity, thereby saving extensive preparative HPLC purification
  • >> Reducing the number of chemical steps
  • >> Avoiding racemization

Equipment Details

Several Units Supported by Appropriate Reactor Volumes, HPLC Purification Columns & Lyophilisation Capacity:

  • >> Large-scale GMP units (10 kg – 100s of kg)
  • >> Medium-scale GMP units (2 kg – 10 kg)
  • >> Small-scale GMP units (100 g – 2 kg)
  • >> HPLC purification units
  • >> Lyophilization units
  • >> Innovative spray drying technology
  • >> Low bioburden environment


In-House Analytical Capabilities:

  • >> HPLC / UPLC
  • >> LC-MS
  • >> Ionic Chromatography
  • >> Karl Fischer
  • >> GC Headspace
  • >> Infra Red Spectometry
  • >> Microbial Limit Testing (Bioburden)
  • >> LAL Assay (Endotoxins)

Other Analytical Techniques Available:

  • >> NMR
  • >> ICP-MS
  • >> Scanning Electronic Microscopy
  • >> X-Ray Diffraction
  • >> DSC

Other Specialties

CordenPharma Brussels is one among the very few suppliers that can provide high quality, cGMP-compliant therapeutic peptide APIs and services at competitive prices to customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The versatile and innovative technology portfolio has enabled CordenPharma Brussels to implement various synthesis processes customized to suit the needs of specific customers. Continued research into potentially cost-effective and novel applications of peptide production technologies is indicative of CordenPharma Brussel’s ever-expanding competencies.